Our Email WINNER IS!?

Congrats STACI EDGELL for winning the book The Healing Powers of Chocolate by Cal Orey and a bag of our Intentional Dark Chocolate. Please email us at ashley@intentionalchocolate.com with your mailing address.ImageTHE HEALING POWERS OF CHOCOLATE is the third title in the successful HEALING POWERS series of books. Health author and journalist Cal Orey reports on the amazing powers of chocolate, another antioxidant-rich super food like vinegar and olive oil  (the subjects of the previous two books) and part of the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. Orey tells about the history and varieties of chocolate, its healthful ingredients and how it can be used to lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well as keep blood sugar levels in check, prevent obesity, and more. Includes the many uses of chocolate for a wide range of home remedies and beauty,  as well as dozens of healthful and delicious recipes. Includes quotes from leading chocolatiers, alternative health practitioners and medical researchers.



Stay tuned we will announce our second winner from the Intentional Chocolate postings later today!


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