You don’t think you can meditate? We can help!

We have always felt here at Intentional Chocolate that eating chocolate is a zen like experience. You get to enjoy one of life’s pleasures, tasting all the subtle flavors that unlock in your mouth as you roll around the bite on your tongue. So we thought what better than to highlight that experience than with a Chocolate Tasting Meditation.  Yes, that is right!  If you can eat chocolate you can mediate.

We collaborated with the Rev. RM Peluso who as an experience meditator and taster of over 20 years she saw how focusing on the tasting of chocolate was just like single pointed focus meditation.  And thus began her chocolate tasting meditations. So we asked the Rev if we could sit down with her and create a series using our chocolate, the 68% dark and the organic 72%, in a meditation.  We also decided to do two different tastings of the 68%- a biting tasting and then a sucking on the pistol, as you will get different notes when you do this. Each meditation is around 8 minutes and at the end of it you feel calmed and mindful.

And since chocolate comes from the ground, the people who plant it and those who farm it we wanted to pay homage to this by creating a visualization meditation that guides you from your first bite of chocolate into a visualization of the earth, down into the ground and soil of where the cacao was grown, in the hands of the farmers and back to your mouth.  A full circle of tasting to remind you of where our food comes from.

Our chocolate tasting meditation CD provides all 4 tracks and an intro explaining even more in depth about the meditation process. You can buy this on it’s own or the full meditation tasting kit that has both chocolate types and a little bowl for sampling.  We’d love your feedback!

Chocolate Tasting Meditation CD

Chocolate Tasting Meditation CD

Here is one woman’s words about doing the meditation:

“When I first started meditating, it was because I was diagnosed with a panic disorder – one that I still carry today. In order to limit the amount of drugs the doctors wanted me to take, I promised them I would start meditating as an internal way of calming myself and refocusing (which is nearly impossible during a panic attack).

The meditations started working, and I now meditate at least 3-4 times a week – either with some quiet music, a guided meditation, or a complete silence. I have always found guided meditations have helped me the most, and I cannot even express to you what I felt yesterday in the short time I had the chocolate on my tongue. I walked out of the office refreshed, renewed, and feeling better than I had felt in a long time. I think if every office had a 10 minute medidation session every day, the world would function better (and maybe the entertainment business would be a little less cutthroat…)”


Let us know what you think about meditation and chocolate.  If we choose your story to post on Facebook we will send you a cd and a bag of chocolate to try!


2 thoughts on “You don’t think you can meditate? We can help!

  1. We have a 35 year old meditation school with phone-in meditation classes. We talk about the merits of chocolate for lovely, grounded, in-your-body meditation. We’d love to work with you.

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