How I live Intentionally…

Since you all are sending in some beautiful stories or ways that you live your life intentionally I thought I would share mine.

A statement that I picked up from a wonderful book by Gerald Jampolsky is “Love is letting go of Fear.”  You should embrace coming from a place of love in all that you do.


Since I know I’m human, I know that I might not always be 100% coming from the place of love. Sometimes I’m scared or worried or anxious.  But something I found that pulls me up higher everyday is looking back and reflecting on the parts of the day I could of been kinder or more open or been more aware of coming from LOVE.  I then send energy towards that action to heal it and take note on how I can react better the next time.

It’s a simple task to reflect but so important in reviewing how we are living in the world. And it reminds me on how I can continuously be more intentional and more loving everyday.

Don’t forget to post your stories, videos or email your thoughts to by next Thursday to be entered to win a medium gift box of Intentional goodies!

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