The Winner of our Intentional Medium Gift Box is…

Thank you all for sending in your amazing stories of intention.  We have chosen the winner, which is hard to do since you all are winners!

Our winner is GINA MARKUM!

We loved that she plans on sharing this with a group and sending out the love of food via Intentional Chocolate with them and educating the power of positive thinking.  Here is her share—

My name is Gina Markum and I have a vision board meeting group that meets every Tuesday evening at our Holistic Healing Center ” Integrative Health Group,   My intention is to share this chocolate at our meeting where I share healthy/healing foods with the group as an added way to introduce the power of positive thinking into their lives. Food is such a huge part of our lives and your company is an awesome way to help get the message to them and their loved ones.  Love, Light, and Peace Gina

Gina also graced us with a lovely photo:

Gina Markum

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