Some wonderful Intentions…

We thought since we got such wonderful intentional messages from people around the country for our contest that we should share a few, since intention is best shared.  Here’s one that touched us about doing something nice for someone else, there is plenty for everyone.


“Here’s how I use Intention in my every day life…and how it happened.

Once, I saw a person looking through boxes by the trash, then collecting bottles and cans and putting them into a shopping cart and moving on…I so
wanted to give him money but he wasn’t asking anyone for anything….I didn’t dare.

Quickly I zipped by on my bike and circled back to cover the path before they crossed it, and sprinkled some loose change onto the sidewalk then fled like the wind.
As the coins fell I made a wish that luck would be his, with the touch of the coin when picked up. That abundance would follow the person who held the coins.

My brother told me that night that he puts ‘lucky’ coins inside pay phone slots. Just randomly.
I thought this was fabulous. But that is his way.

Something learned is to do something nice for someone, without them knowing you did it.

Intentional wishes and meanings infused into be it coins, letters, emails, all coalesce into a beautiful gesture of wishing
good for others in this very same intangible, invisible and powerful way.

Beauty is all around us, we need not see it to feel the goodness.”


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