Intentional Inspiration – A Daily Practice

Mornings are such a wonderful time to set Intention as it’s setting the tone of the day. Another contributor to our contest entries shared her daily morning ritual:

“I start each day by doing at least one thoughtful, mindful thing for someone else.  It might be as simple as sending out a short email of support to a friend who is going through a tough time, remembering someone’s birthday, or donating to a favorite non-profit.  The bottom-line is thinking about the world around me first before everything else gets started.” – Annie G.

What a gentle and lovely reminder on how a simple act or thought towards someone else can increase our own joy daily. Let us know if you have a morning ritual or a daily practice of intention or action you take for someone else.  We would love to hear about it!

And in case you are looking for non-profits or other charities to donate to or volunteer for please find a list of some of our friends at our “Some of our Favorite People” page.

Giving Back

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