Co-Creating your World, Intention Setting Series : Steps 1 thru 8

This morning our Intention setting article in Find Bliss magazine, Step 8 on Gratitude was so graciously tweeted by Deepak Chopra to his many followers.A very exciting start to a Sunday morning!

We’ve since gotten emails that have asked about the rest of the steps prior to Step 8. So please find here a link to all of the articles for steps 1 – 8.  In June we will have our final article, so please watch for it. And note that there will be a special give-away of Intentional Chocolate, then so look for it!

CO-CREATING YOUR WORLD: A series on how to set your Intention

(found in LA Yoga and Find Bliss Magazine – Click on each link below for the articles)

by Ashley Walsh

Step 1:


Step 2:

Make Clear your Intention

Step 3:

Opening to the Creative Source

Step 4:

Release It

Step 5:

Offerings, Not Outcomes

Step 6:

Do the Work – Move in Rhythm (actual article below)

Step 6 - Do your Work, Move in Rhythm

Step 6 – Do your Work, Move in Rhythm

Step 7:

Step 7 – Receive the Wonder – Find Bliss PDF

Step 8:


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