Thoughts on Intention and Parenting

3 months ago I had my first child, the first IC baby (he’s already smiling at the word chocolate)! I have found the deeper I get into this parenting adventure the more I understand the importance of intentionally choosing a style of parenting. There is a reactive style and there is an intentional style, what is the family attempting to create and how can it foster that in the parenting of their child? My husband and I attempted to create a set of family values for us to follow and embody, however, we found values are great, but having one to two family intentions have been easier for us to embody and to remember when things get a bit hectic. “Is this action going toward Love”, with a capital “L”, is an intention we attempt to follow in our responses to Micah. Our second intention is listen empathically to Micah. Putting ourselves in baby Micah¹s place and asking the question “if I were Micah how would I want my mom or dad to respond?” These two intentions are the simplest yet most important part of our parenting adventure. It helps to create a parenting style that is founded in conscious intention rather than unconscious reaction. Since neither of us have been parents prior there is a lot of on the job training and trial and error. So we thought that having a few intentions that we come back to when we have no idea what to do (which is a lot of the time!), helps to steer our intentional response in the moment. And boy, it has helped us feel more satisfied and secure in our decisions as parents, and enjoy the joy and love of our child.

Do you have Intentional Parenting stories or words of wisdom? We would like to hear from you! Please share your thoughts and experiences.

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