Intentional relaxation

In an article on by Sheldon Ginsberg, a top fitness professional, he explores the corner stone of looking good which is feeling good. He explains how to practice the art of relaxation. Intentional relaxation requires you to actively focus your attention inside your body and purposely relax.

He claims that by following his steps you will get the following benefits:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Heightened body connection and awareness
  • Increased flow of energy in your body

So he says to find a quiet place and follow the below guidelines:

  • Begin by making sure the small of your back is firmly pressed against the back of the chair and your feet are firmly on the floor. Focus upon your body as it breathes.
  • Where in your body does your inhale begin?
  • Focus upon this targeted area and breathe in and out through your nose. Allow your breathing to be natural. If your breathing is shallow let it be shallow, if its deep, let it be deep.
  • As you exhale, let it seep out of your nose as fast or as slow as your body lets it go.
  • Each released exhale is a direct experience of how to “let go.”
  • Each time you exhale relax your body, just let go of your body and allow it to sink deeper into your chair.
  • Start at your head and relax all the muscles in your face one by one. Continue down your body until you reach your feet.
  • Allow the surface beneath you to completely support your weight as you let go.
  • Be aware that breathing in this way may make you lightheaded. Please take care of your needs and do not continue if you feel uncomfortable.


Enjoy the steps and hopefully a new found sense of intentional relaxation!

To read the full article on – click here


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