Enlightened Edibles – Time Magazine writes about Intentional Products


Have you read the Time magazine article that wrote about our products along with “Intentional Products: intentional water, Intentional Chocolate, intentional foods having gone mainstream. Time Magazine declares in their article Mind over Chocolate “Move over, organic, fair trade and free range the latest in enlightened edibles is here: food embedded with positive intentions.” Great news for the consumer! Intentional products in the marketplace herald a new way to interact with food and ultimately with each other.

But is that all there is to the concept of intentional products simply to create a new category of product or enlightened edibles? The answer is to be found near the end of the Time article when a Tibetan monk is quoted as saying that “once the profit motive comes into play its difficult to keep things pure.”

Keeping it pure goes to the very soul of the Intentional product movement. We know our thoughts matter and that they have significant impact on ourselves and the people around us. We admire those whose intentions are pure and benefit others in positive ways. Time sites recent science findings that show humans can alter the physical world with their minds That means we can co-create the world we live in. So lets be aware – starting with the foods we eat. We can rethink how to be on this planet how to stay pure in our intentions toward each other. We have all personally experienced this from the care in our Mothers chicken soup, or special baked item or eating those fruits and vegetables grown and sold with love.

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