IC will be at Sundance Film Festival!

Having been to Sundance a couple of years ago, I am well aware of the festivities that go on there all day and all night without much break in between. This leaves you drained of all energy but some how you manage to go on. Well this year, making it’s second appearance after an awesome response, you can hit up the Zen Den. Zen Den is an oasis for rejuvenation and transformation. Not only showing social conscious films but also offering daily wellness classes with amazing instructors from LA and Utah, healing therapies such as cranial-sacral, Feldenkrais, healing touch, zero balancing and lymphatic drainage and more…

Part of the more is where Intentional Chocolate comes in. Through the first week that Zen Den is at Sundance they will be conducting free Intentional Chocolate Tasting Meditations! Yes we said FREE! So stop by, get centered and bliss out with some chocolate we know you will need it!

Utah_SundanceENJOY the festival! And check out the grid to find out where the Zen Den is located.

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