The studies on Intention and Oolong tea!

Back in 2007 we conducted a double blind science experiment with Ions and Deer Park Monestary to see if embedding chocolate with intentions of experienced meditators proved to increased well-being. When we got the results back that embedded chocolate actually increased the well-being 67% we then published the article in Explore magazine.

Recently Explore magazine, Nov/Dec ’13, published an article by Dean Radin, PhD & Yung-Jong Shiah, PhD who conducted a similar study with the affects of intention and belief on mood while drinking oolong tea. The test was conducted over the course of one week and used to see if they could reduce mood fluctuations of the 189 participants in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, that are caused by changes in local weather and other common influences.

Every night the volunteers, for the full week, would record their mood using the Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire.  As double blind studies go – One randomly assigned group blindly received tea that had been intentionally treated by three Buddhist monks; the other group blindly received untreated tea from the same source.

The conclusion? Well, the Tea treated with good intentions improved mood more than ordinary tea derived from the same source. What’s even more interesting is that the belief that one was drinking treated tea produced a large improvement in mood, but only if one was actually drinking the treated tea. This showcases that belief and intentional enhancement interact and that the esthetic and intentional qualities associated with the traditional tea ceremony may have subtle influences that extend beyond the ritual itself.
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For more on the study and to read the full article you can visit here.

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