Self Discovery and Intention

We’ve taken some exerpts from several readings and combine them to create a statement on our view of how self discovery and the use of intention works within.


There are two questions which every human being-with rare exceptions-asks himself through most of his life. The rare exceptions are the persons who know the answer to the first of these questions, at least to a significant extent. But everyone asks the second, sometimes in wonder, often in despair. These two questions are: How am I to understand myself?-and: How am I to understand other people? (The Psychology of Self-Esteem)

It’s always good news when people question their beliefs, values and actions. It’s important to try to improve yourself, and to be self-aware. Too many people lack such awareness, and for many reasons- denial being one of them. Engaging in reflection isn’t a luxury. We all need to look inside and discover ourselves. A person’s self is a composite of all of these experiences; it’s dynamic, and it’s always a work in progress. (Psychology Today, Nov. issue)

Getting unstuck involves remembering an injury but reconsidering it from a different, more empathetic perspective. Bring those invisible emotional barriers to your awareness and then struggling against them. It means challenging irrational, unproductive thinking until you get your head on straight; it means facing up to your fear and then calling on your courage and your character to face it down. (Psychology Today, Nov. issue)

Your daily world was not rule by your perception, but by the interpretation of your perception. (Carlos Castaneda)

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