Relationship Inspiration from the great Marianne Williamson

In case you don’t know Marianne Williamson, she’s a internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer. As Valentine’s day is fast approaching her words on relationships speak wonderful truth…
love copy
According to A Course in Miracles, relationships are “laboratories of the Holy Spirit.” They can be the Spirit’s garden of love, but they can also be the ego’s lair of fear. And most of us have experienced both at some point in our lives.

Love is not just a passive something that the conscious person “hopes to find” someday. It is also an emotional skill set, a consistent way of being as opposed to an occasional stroke of good luck.

The universe is the handwriting of God, moving with mysterious intention toward the fulfillment of love’s desire within every interaction and circumstance. When our hearts and minds are open — when we are forgiving and compassionate — the light of the universe moves through us to harmonize and uplift all beings. Yet when our hearts and minds are closed — when our accumulated layers of pain and mistrust shut down our capacity to love as we wish to be loved — then chaos prevails and suffering ensues. That is how powerful we are; conscious or subconsciously, we drive the drama of how our relationships unfold.

All my best,

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