About Us, the IC family!

First off, thanks for wanting to get to know us!  We are a family run, owned and operated biz and LOVE to get to know our customers and their stories. Which probably means you want to know ours as well….

Intentional Chocolate was the brain child of our father, Jim Walsh, also founder of our sister company Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate, the basis of the chocolate for IC (www.hwvi.com), who thought “there has to be more than just calories to food.”  And in fact there is!  We all know about food turning into energy or fuel, ie calories into the body but what if  we were to add actual coherent energy into the food we are eating, creating more energy and well-being for us all?  Well that’s what we did here at IC.  We embedded that extra ingredient of “energy” or “intention” into each product we produce from chocolate to jewelry (yes even intentional jewelry!).

Also part of the company; My sister, Cami, a new mother and gifted healer and me, Ashley, the social media gal and marketing chick. Mom of course provides the beauty and aesthetics in what we do…with out her most of our packaging wouldn’t be what it is today.  We also have some gifted web guys and distributors who help us be what we are today!

So that’s us…We hope to get to know more of you too! So write a comment or like us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/intentionalchocolate and tell us a little something about you, chocolate or your intentions.

Our mission is to Do No Harm, and Benefit Others in quite a delish form.